A Survey of Fund Board and Director Assessments

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By C. Meyrick Payne of Management Practice Inc. (MPI), based on a workshop and related survey at the Mutual Funds Directors Forum Policy Conference held in Washington, DC. The Mutual Fund Directors Forum recently sponsored a session regarding fund board and director self-assessments, which was moderated by MPI. Approximately 100 mutual fund directors, counsel and those who support fund governance … Read More

Setting Fund Director Compensation: Measuring the “Degree of Difficulty”

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Our last bulletin discussed the many changes that fund directors have experienced in their duties over the past decade. The job has undoubtedly become more difficult, as has the task of setting their compensation each year. It is important that, given the responsibilities,pay be set in a way that is fair to directors, but equally important is that the fee … Read More

Mutual Fund Profitability in 2016: Gartenberg Benchmarks

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Range of Pre-Tax Profit as a percentage of Investment Revenue 2005 - 2016

Perhaps the most important function served by mutual fund directors is the annual review of investment management arrangements. One factor in this review is the assessment of the investment manager’s profitability. Each year MPI conducts a survey of profitability of publicly-owned investment management companies which provides independent directors a quantitative benchmark to assist in their discussions regarding the reasonableness of … Read More