Customizing 15(c) Practices and Materials for Today’s Fund Offerings

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Few would dispute that the investment management industry has witnessed transformational changes in the past decade…both the Commission and investors should have access to more substantive… information about funds and their advisers. David W. Grim, SEC Director of the Division of Investment Management, March 2016 When Section 15(c) of the Investment Company Act of 1940 was written, there were no … Read More

The Looming Retirement Crisis: Retirement Investors are Overpaying for Liquidity

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America’s workers face a massive challenge as they save for retirement. A guaranteed monthly check that they (and their spouse) can depend upon for the rest of their lives is not an option with most pension plans. Direct contribution plans give more control to investors, but in the end these plans are largely failing them. Several industry estimates put the … Read More