Defending Against Arbitrage Attacks on Closed-End Funds

Meyrick PayneMutual FundsLeave a Comment

Closed-end funds are often formed because they offer investors an opportunity to invest in a focused portfolio which meets their specific needs, usually with built-in leverage, potentially higher returns, and tax advantages. Often the investment focus of the fund is fashionable at the time it is launched. Theoretically the investor can get their money out by selling shares to another … Read More

Fund Board Service: Age, Term or No Limits

Sara YerkeyFund DirectorsLeave a Comment

Being a mutual fund director is a uniquely influential position and it can be quite rewarding, both psychologically as well as monetarily. Once someone has become one there are few mechanisms by which he or she can be displaced. The purpose of this MPI Bulletin is to explore the advantages and disadvantages of placing age, term, or no limits on … Read More