With over 40 years of experience, we’re dedicated to providing clients with the information they need.

About Us

What is MPI?

Management Practice Inc. (MPI) is a management consultancy and data provider, helping businesses and institutions with their decision making needs.

What do we do?

MPI acts as a trusted third party, aggregating and managing confidential/sensitive information from public and private sources.

How do we do it?

Process is king. Documentation and adherence to process gives significance to everything we do. Best practices and confidentiality are a given.

How do we apply it?

Our expertise and access to information allows us to perform objective and subjective analyses, providing a custom approach to solutions for our clients.

Practice Areas

Mutual Funds

MPI collects, analyses and disseminates confidential and sensitive information about mutual fund performance, fees and expenses, profitability and shareholder servicing to mutual fund directors and counsel and accountants who support them. MPI almost always works under a confidentiality agreement



MPI has provided specialized market and analytical expertise to the publishing industry for over 35 years. MPI’s publishing team consist of experience, independent, and credible professionals in the areas of market information, strategic planning, market share, and changes in the size and profile of numerous publishing sectors.



C. Meyrick Payne

Meyrick Payne


C. Meyrick Payne leads the firm’s Mutual Fund Governance practice. He has been actively involved in the preparation of information required by independent trustees for the renewal of management and advisory contracts. He has also taken a leading role in the preparation and compilation of MPI’s “Annual Survey of Mutual Fund Directors’ Compensation and Best Governance Practices” as well as MPI’s “Annual Survey of Mutual Fund Profitability”. Meyrick has served as an expert witness on behalf of independent mutual fund directors and has counseled others during troubled times. He has presented at numerous MFDF, ICI, NICSA and IFIC conferences regarding fund governance.

Richard Barclay

Richard Barclay

Publishing Research

Richard serves as partner in charge of MPI’s l publishing practice. He is responsible for collecting, preparing, analyzing and disseminating monthly market and financial information from over 100 content providers worldwide. Richard’s reports typically become the source for newspaper and financial reports about the size and shape of the publishing industry. Our reports cover the Trade, Higher Education, K through 12, and Professional sectors.

Jay Keeshan

Jay Keeshan


Jay Keeshan, CFP started his career in mutual funds in at Charles Schwab during the startup of their Mutual Fund One Source program. He has worked in general management consulting in the US and Europe for Fortune 500 companies including AT&T, DaimlerChrysler, and Coca-Cola. Jay has a BS in Business Administration from the University of Connecticut. He received an MBA in International Finance in 1998 from the University of South Carolina and the Economic University of Vienna, Austria. Jay has worked for Management Practice since 2004 and focuses on the areas of trustee compensation, contract renewal/15c, and profitability analysis. Jay is also a Certified Financial Planner (CFP).

Sara Yerkey

Sara Yerkey

Contract Renewal

Sara Yerkey began her career in Finance in 1996 with Standard & Poor’s, in their financial analysis and product sector. In 2001, she shifted into the mutual fund industry, working for Janus in their Corporate Finance division. She continued through 2006 as a Director of Financial Analysis and Strategy, when she joined Management Practice. Sara has a BS in International Business from Trinity University, receiving her Masters in Finance from the University of Colorado in 2002. Sara has worked for Management Practice since January 2007, focusing on the areas of mutual fund governance, contract renewal, and profitability analysis.

Picture of Linda Sikorski

Linda Sikorski

Office Manager

Linda oversees the day to day management of MPI’s offices in Stamford, CT., Denver CO and Cambridge MA.