eBooks 9.0% of pBooks for 2010 so far.

Sales of eBooks have equaled 9.0% of the sales of physical books so far this year, according to data released today by the Association of American Publishers (AAP).  

Trade book sales (not including books for academic study) for the period of January-August 2010 had sales of $2.91 billion. eBook sales in the same period were $263 million.. E books for the period comprise 9.03% of total consumer book sales, compared to 3.31 percent at the close of 2009.

E book sales for January-August 2010 represented $263 million, compared to $89.8 million from January-August 2009, representing an overall increase for the category of 193% over the same period last year. For the month of August, e-book sales continue to grow, with a 172.4 percent increase over August 2009 ($39.0 million). 


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