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In these turbulent times, accurate business information has never been more important.  A clear understanding of the size and shape of your market is essential for your industry and its participants.  Management Practice, Inc.  (MPI) has been a collector of industry data for over thirty years.  We work with trade associations to provide timely and accurate research for use within your industry and beyond.

Our reports are used extensively by businesses across the world, as well as by media such as the New York Times and Wall Street Journal and by many trade publications. 

Accurate and respected information is essential when dealing with the financial community; when reporting to share holders, briefing analysts, or for any company seeking financing.

Good data is the cornerstone of strategic planning in every industry,  our goal is to provide accurate and timely statistics that help industry participants make decisions and take action to compete in the most effective way.

Unbiased and trustworthy research adds to the credibility of any association, and can garner positive and regular press attention.  It is also invaluable when lobbying government.

As confidential consultants we take privacy and security very seriously.  All client data is kept on encrypted computer systems.  We never share or sell information to third parties.

There are many types of industry data that can benefit your industry:

  • Market Size - What is the size and shape of your industry?  What is the market potential?
  • Market Growth Rates - How does each company measure up versus its competitors?
  • Emerging Markets - What segments are growing? Which are shrinking?
  • Market Share - What's your market share?  And how is it changing?
  • Best Practice - What works?  What doesn't?
  • Compensation - How much should you pay to attract, motivate and retain the talent you need?
  • Growth Curve - Where are you versus your competitors?
  • Productivity - Is your productivity the best it can be?
  • Industry Trends - What is the ‘next big thing'?

 Whatever your needs, MPI is ready to help with all aspects of the research process.  From survey design,  participant selection and data collation through to advanced statistical analyses and professional presentation to individuals and groups,  large and small.

 We know that all projects are different, so at MPI we tailor our proposals to your needs, whether you have an on going research program, need an ad hoc study, or have never undertaken research before.  We are here to help you at every step.

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